Best way to wipe the sweat of a ride in a dragon’s back is to wet your nose inside a new unexplored sea. This happened to be the South Chinese Sea, in Shek-O beach, south east of Hong Kong island. Lack of anticipation for high temperatures and warm seas left our swimming suits moulding inside wardrobes. After hard bargains with an 80year old Chinese shopkeeper we managed to get some tattered second hand Hawaiian rip off trunks for 20 HongKongDollars. A friendly sign informs the unaccustomed laowai of the local fauna which is a little more poisonous, with elongated teeth and alluring blue rings, than what i am used to. Just avoid chatting with passing barracudas and god forbid don’t tickle that small innocent octopus, looks can be deceiving as you actually facing a tentacled serial killer (as always thought to provoke him you ll have to draw first). Water is strangely warm, the spell breaks as you enter and realise the transformation of idyllic green to a brownish tint. A barracudalless swim later, bodies stack in a fugitive double decker 8 time zones far from London, gazing emerging skyscrapers in the green scenery and minutes later you are back in a buzzing city center. A swim in early October, courtesy of Chinese bureaucracy and nomadic mentality. Slowly but steadily updates are finishing for Hong Kong, the bet is to reach present while still in China : P Read the rest of this entry »