Last night in Hong Kong, grabbing some fuel for a late picnic and catching bus no20 towards a peak reputed to hold the most spectacular views of the city. Swarms of people, the aura of a place that has been photographed a billion times, funny enough you can avoid the thousand tripods if you just walk 50 meters to the right, like flocks of sheep, tourists stay together and don’t stray from the shopping lights. The view is indeed spectacular, feels almost fake, like living inside a video game, Blade runner comes again into mind a little fog and pages from Philip K. Dick’s books come alive. Climbing on hills to gaze the city at night. Some skyscrapers stubbornly protrude trying to beat this unofficial height game. You need to go higher, to transcend the man made in order to get a clear view and an undisruptive field for your thoughts. Only then the city becomes a sea and the unified concrete mass projects a liquidity if only as a deception of the fading forms through the distance. Cities from above, through airplanes, mountains, satellites, you need to resurface for air from time to time in order to dive inside again. Maybe in distant cycles like a whale but still necessary if you don’t want to drown.