Staying in China for more than 3 days and you ‘ll encounter random explosions around houses, gardens, outside supermarkets and inside river banks. Usually there is a lack of time planning (aka it can happen anytime) but given the state of public amusement it produces you understand the reason why. Duck and cover is not necessary as local detonators have good aim after so much practice. Trying to find a pattern is meaningless, here you light the skies to celebrate small, trivial everyday things, like a successful bunch of fried dumplings or a perfect cup of green tea. Another possibility is that all explosions are but a meager target practice for Chinese new year which, if i take the rumors seriously, might feel like the bombarding of Dresden… The title is dedicated to an overzealous neighbour that decided to test his arsenal at 7:00 A.M., only to get a morning shower of Chinese curses from Jeff.

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