As with every weird sight in Hangzhou i didn’t let the first impression get the best of me. After the thousand baby butt on public display though, something started smelling, metaphorically and literary. Was this some strange plot we couldn’t comprehend? Were all Chinese babies enrolled in a rapid potty training national program? Was this a carefully thought and designed system to eliminate the need of diapers? Apparently it’s a common method for babies as you can see them all wearing clothes with quick release embedded exits which allow fast & convenient disposal of smelly substances. I have only observed the middle to end result but the basic system works like that: The parent / carrier senses through some invisible way the exact time frame milliseconds before explosion, he carefully lifts and aims the baby at a convenient location and delivers a controlled detonation with as less victims as possible. If done correctly this is a sustainable and rather clean system that uses the cradle to cradle principle following the natural circle of things and providing good fertiliser for plants (and not creating redundant waste in the form of diaper mountains). As every delicate and unstable device though, there are numerous drawbacks. Instability of babies can lead to undetected explosions either on the mothership / parent / carrier or in some inconvenient place (super markets / shops etc.) either way the result is messy. Babies seem quite happy though, being free of the diaper humiliation / constrains.