Shutters cracking at a regular shootout in the streets of downtown Hangzhou.

November 9, 2010

Peripheral vision is a great evolutionary trick, you gaze forward but scan motion to a wider angle, i suppose old desperadoes had mastered this skill. If you are a foreigner walking around Hangzhou you need to be prepared for regular shootout attempts. Usually you get attacked from sideways or behind, the Innocent looking opponent pretends to shoot squirrels in west lake or garbage binσ until you let your guard down and BANG! he got you, another laowai bites the dust. Everything lies in concentration and precise, rapid, hand/eye coordination. As you scan the area for possible hostiles, a group of photography students on the loose, cute couple giggling on the bench, you turn on the camera, holding it facing the ground. Staring far away till you detect motion, SNAP, twist like a professional tango dancer while bringing the camera to eye level, single shot mode, auto focus and crack, shutter down. This gives you the element of surprise and a nice counter collection of natural expressions of people caught red handed. Of course the excitement can die prematurely if people ask permission to take a photo of you which is an equally frequent possibility.


5 Responses to “Shutters cracking at a regular shootout in the streets of downtown Hangzhou.”

  1. Katerina said

    Χα χα! Μια τους και μια σου!

  2. naomi said

    The two girls look like Japanese or Korean.

  3. kamikazzzi said

    i thought the right one was a boy : P

    • naomi said

      it’s “she”.: ) Just looks a bit loliness.Maybe for that she is at puberty. you really should understand it! like that i believed the pretty “girl”on the very photo was you.**

  4. skoupidiaris said

    I thought so too..

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