Hiking on the back of a Dragon (a bus ride away from city center).

October 17, 2010

Picture Hong Kong, with streaming rivers of people, flooding a skyscraper filled scenery, if you focus on the city center you loose the bigger picture. Urban areas are just a patch in an explosion of green, the rest of 50-70% that consists Hong Kong is plain rural wilderness, hills, forests, mountains and other high heel killers. Leaving weekend tourists to boil in the center we hopped on a bus and disappear in the southeast part of Hong Kong island. Our short stay allowed for small expeditions so i picked a small route with the most interesting name: “Dragon’s back trail”. Traversing hill slopes that with a loose imagination did resemble a dragon. Without much effort we managed to conquered the 284m peak! and agreed wholeheartedly to seal this glorious victory with a dive in the Chinese sea. (i am getting closer to the present, only a couple more posts about Hong Kong, ahh damn update lag).


One Response to “Hiking on the back of a Dragon (a bus ride away from city center).”

  1. Katerina said

    Update lag!!! Χα χα! Δική σου λέξη είναι αυτή ή έχει ήδη μπεί στο παγκόσμιο λεξιλόγιο και δε το έχω πάρει χαμπάρι? Όπως και να’χει, πολύ καλή. Όπως και η βόλτα σας! Πολύ σε χαίρομαι! Αρπάζεις τον δράκο απ’τα δόντια!

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