Visa for homesick gorillas that want to return to the jungle or oven lovers that crave the taste of fresh bread in the morning. A colorful choice of visa information in the immigration department on a warm Tuesday morning…

October 4, 2010

After i renewed my low class F-type tourist visa for the 3d time it was time for a more permanent solution. The rest of team was in an equally pressing possition with Clara bribing her way out of a month old expired visa in a: “only in China” turn of events. Having submitted our blood, urine, heartbeats and beeing cleared from S.T.D.’s Infectius deseases and other employment happhazzards, the road seemed clear for the much anticipated Z type working visa. Only for the small detail that, to stay in China you have to leave China… A Catch 22 directly from the heart of Beurucracy. But this time unlike any other paperwork cases that used to madden me in the past, the deal was frightfully good for us, a trip to Hong Kong just to apply for the visa. A twist in a system that had tortured you for a life time can be mind blowing, but i guess after all the fights, sour morning faces and countless lost hours in Tax offices and public sector services you get the sweet taste of revenge, a little cold but nonetheless existent!


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