Riding a Segway through marble floors. Would Louis the VI do the same given the technological chance?

October 4, 2010

Roaming around a massive shopping mall fighting agoraphobia, triskaidekaphobia and koumpounophobia i come to the realisation that i like driving, give me the opportunity in the form of a free test ride and i would gladly loop around on tricycles, pogo sticks, space buses, tanks, hovercrafts or any other transportation device. The sight of a Segway tryout setts me off and i fixate my gaze on the family man that drives it, telepathically ordering him to step down and let me try. Controlling a vehicle through balance is quite funny, despite the reverse which needs some getting used to, learning curve is fast, dashing through shoppers with the lightning speed of 20km / hour, impressing old ladies and gaining an unfair additional height advantage. That said i miss driving a motorbike, the wind the smell of burned wood on your clothes in the winter, the twist of the wrist… Electric scooters are just not the same…


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