Digital Nomads, searching for plugs and free WiFi, drinking coffee and realising back pain boosts productivity.

October 4, 2010

I am reading a lot lately about the emerge of digital nomadism. It is possible to escape the fixed position working routine. Of course you need money to fuel a lifestyle like this which is the main problem, but there are various ways to acquire them, you just need to monetise your skills somehow… Trying to short a tonne of photos, stories and loose obligations i tossed the laptop in my bag and left home. Being nomad means that every time you can choose your location, I opt for Starbucks, it is close by, has free Wi-Fi (prerequisite) big shinny windows and interesting people. First thing you do is scan for plugs, to my surprise there are quite a lot of people working here, the only empty socket confines me on the lobby in a short table which gives a weird working position. Coffee grinding pierces the earphones but cute smiling Chinese girls working alone on their mac compensate for the lack of comfort. Being uncomfortable makes you more productive also, having the same routine, the same position, the same office chair which is moulded to your body just makes it easier to procrastinate. Being on the move wakes you up, breaking your routines creates synapses, being restless makes you move… I have a feeling this is just the beginning…

edit.. (i just discovered the first problem of digital nomad life. The: What to do with the laptop when you have to go to the toilet dilemma, pack everything or ask the mac girl to keep an eye?)…


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