A glimpse through the weird & wonderful world of Chinese non verbal street poetry.

October 3, 2010

It seems that different chapters of visual poetry keep unfolding in every step, making the documentation even more diverse. Today we ‘re going to shed light in the marvelous world of bumper stickers, an obsession that goes hand in hand with road status and car megalo/egomania. First there are the typical chavs / κάγκουρες (i don’t know the Chinese equivalent) that put colorful LED’s in their cars / electric scooters and various fancy macho stickers like, king of the road, street fighter, need for speed and all that jazz. Then we have the weird case of discovery channel syndrome, were innumerable amounts of SUV’s (in particular) have side stickers of the channel, there is a slightly smaller cult with national geographic ones. Modification of number plates to accommodate messages for every taste but the prize goes to the chrome scooter with the graphical message: “No DOGS and JAPANESE nearing!” (no camera at that moment). Finally the vast and unexplored sea of personal expression with stickers of varied randomness, a few examples below. and a prime one here. On future subject road safety and the transformation of ninja dressed scooter riding old ladies to fight upcoming winter. A whole chapter could be dedicated also to admiration of road fashion and the magnificent ability of one handed bicycle driving (the other holds the umbrella) girls.


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