How to steal fame & glory from Chinese ballerinas and frustrate business department girls.

September 24, 2010

Chinese supermarkets are a weird ecosystem, the only connection with a distant western counterpart, is the product alignment in selves and corridors. Apart from that you might as well be entering a new world, smells, live animals, armies of employers, fruit clerks that chase insects with electric zapping rackets, flapping fishes and eel abducting old ladies. In super market i can add another staring moment to my all increasing collection, the direct eye fixation at my basket with the curious look that could translate as: “letsseewhatthisstrangewhitecreatureisbyingfordinner”. (it could not surpass the stare no33: returning to work from street food market carrying my lunch with bicycle, it always sends people flying with wild excitement). But i got carried away, a key ingredient in my previous diet was milk, in England everything was dead simple, you had such a plethora of choices that could dazzle the untrained eye. Here comes Chinese supermarket, first heroic attempt to translate a package with unreadable characters trusting visual instincts (the good old design wisdom, if someone gives a shit about design it must have a descent product, chain of events, product life cycle and all that jazz) and expiration dates.

Opening the cup and taking a first smell that could as easily be my last, several attempts later a confirmation from Chinese people that milk do suck and not only in my imagination and the only alternative lies on the all encompassing soy bean. There is quite a lot of praise from vegetarians, athletes and cow milk haters for it’s unique properties but an equally big opposition of rumors fears and crazy stories about estrogen, men breast growing and testosterone decrease (rumors bloody rumors). It didn’t help that the only sugarless soy milk powder i found was directly targeted towards Chinese ballerinas and my post-lunch break preparation ceremonies in the office brought bursts of laughter to the business department (girls only). A firm belief that my chest kept its flat shape didn’t help either, as this kind of direct talk about sexuality and gender transformation seems, not to be safe for work environment. That said my Pirouette has improved dramatically since i started drinking these beans…


4 Responses to “How to steal fame & glory from Chinese ballerinas and frustrate business department girls.”

  1. skoupidiaris said

    χαχα, γιατί; Δεν βρήκες τίποτα για ντιζαϊνερς;

  2. Katerina said

    Καλά, αντι για fruit clercs για κάποιο λόγω διάβασα fruit cakes! Φαντάσου εικόνα! Τα fruit cakes να βαράνε μύγες με ηλεκτρικές μυγοσκωτόστρες!

  3. peilin said

    ha…u looks as surprised as Columbus discovered the new land…
    It is an ad.
    I think in China,women drink much more milk than men. caz ladies strong belives that drinking milk can bring them pretty. such as this soya bean milk.

    drink this girl’s drink, u will become a girl. haha…

  4. kamikazzzi said

    As surprised as Columbus haha like the metaphor!
    The ladies at office share your opinion but so far Ι haven’t developed pretty breasts…

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