Charming hair brings you a(n) ease lifeimpressivessive moment… or the joy of a single euro head massage.

September 24, 2010

Ahh the never ending beauty of delicate hands massaging various parts of your body, here you can find every possible combination that will cover from foot to toe to your ear lobe or the small extra skin that gathers in the corner of your elbow. You can have people walking on your back, needles sticking inside you, fire cups sucking your body and small fishes eating you alive (well the dead skin at least). Unfortunately there is the dark side of “massage” services, one who sells on happy endings, Thai twins and usually attracts white scams but that’s another story altogether. Reunited with Ben on the rare 2 day weekend is a good cause for celebration and all roads lead to his favorite hair saloon. Once inside you just say “Ànmó”, which when i first heard it with a britishchinese accent sounded more like Amore, point your head and capable hands lead you to a chair, strap you down and start massaging your head, shoulders face, nose eyebrows, ears until you feel like a mashed potato, a delicately treated mashed potato.

Swiftly the Chinese saloon girls wear surgical masks that barely hide their smiles. Ridiculous amount of shampoo is poured on our heads till we resembled meringueed eggs, followed by giggles and hard staring from every customer and elder lady on the premise we are escorted to the washing basins in order to be ceremoniously washed and prepared for the last ritual. The dreaded ear drum invasion!!! Being already warned by a white foreigner survivor i had an idea of what to expect, but the ear cleaning that followed could easily left you with a slight feeling of body violation. I certainly never had anything trying to get too close acquainted with my ear drum before… Ear cleaning apart, (which is a service you can politely decline) i could sit there all day enjoying the luxury of an hourly, one euro head massage… more photos |here|


3 Responses to “Charming hair brings you a(n) ease lifeimpressivessive moment… or the joy of a single euro head massage.”

  1. shura said

    helloooo ben!

  2. peilin said

    do u enjoy it?

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