The curius nature of super market corridor dancing, or how i am slowly banned from every possible retail store due to fears of industrial espionage.

September 18, 2010

It seems that whenever i go to a super market i keep buying random junk only for the package, illustration, cover but never for the actual product, though if it’s something edible i will try it just for kicks. And believe me it doesn’t always end good, especially if it has something to do with fermented tofu, vacuum packed packaging has the vicious habit of hiding the delicate smells from my sniffing natural defenses. Here we have a prime example of a beautiful package and a crappy product, i m probably not gonna use the pens but the kicking angry child i could treasure it forever and buy copies just to send back home. On the side note i keep getting a nasty reputation trying to photograph interiors, signage, products and pastries as there seems to be a big problem with industrial espionage and product copying, Every time i snatch my camera and start shooting an anxious manager, clerk or owner runs towards me and tries to stop my documentation. The tim bou dong wildcard (iamaforeigneridontknowanything) doesn’t seem to work in many cases to my displeasure, for some weird reason it works best outdoors. Today i managed to get banned from a super market, and a mall. To my increasing collection i can add 2 bakeries where the counter girls were ready to jump from the till and fight till last drop of blood just to stop me photographing their green tea cakes. Retreat!!!
Side note of side note, i seem to have completely erased all memories of name days and birthdays, so with a slight delay i send my Chinese wises to a dear friend called Sofia who wants to abandon her highly reputable parrot training position and join an Aboriginal tribe in far away Australia!


4 Responses to “The curius nature of super market corridor dancing, or how i am slowly banned from every possible retail store due to fears of industrial espionage.”

  1. lopi said

    cross-eyed piggy is not bad either

  2. sofia said

    Your dear friend Sofia laughed her ass of with your latest e-mail.

    Weird thing is, I too always thought rice is like pasta -seeing it grow must be weird.

    Laughed my ass off at the thought of growing spaghetti and tortellini-bulbs nevertheless :p

    p.s. I don’t know if the best feature on the package is the kicking child or the hand holding it at arms length. I always knew the Chinese were wise. Hiiiiiii-ya!

  3. Katerina said

    Τέλειο!!! Ναι, στείλε και τίποτα απο εδώ! Έμαθες τα ταχυδρομεία ή όχι ακόμα? Θυμάσαι που έλεγες οτι θα έστελνες πακέτα? Αχ… Μαύρη πέτρα πίσω έριξες… Που να ερωτευτείς και καμία… (αν δεν έχεις ήδη) θα μας ξεχάσεις τελείως… Αντε, με ξενύχτησες πάλι! Φεύγω για Βερολίνο αύριο. Φιλάκια!!!

  4. shura said

    prey of the asians …

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