August full Moon Dragons

September 15, 2010

When you pass the second bridge (in linear order, chronological confuses me) leave the pavement sleeping people, fisherman gangs and river gazing couples behind, catch the flying “Hallooooo”‘s from passing scooters and throw them back in Chinese. Run next to the dark electric factory, through the glass observatories while the river constantly accompanies you on the left carrying the floating reflections of the other side. If you are lucky you will encounter the magnificent dancing maneuver in the dark crowd that gathers in squares and dances extrovertly to some random music. Right in the middle of second and third bridge lies the dragon statue, which dressed in August moonlight seems animated and ready to jump on you. I like Eastern dragons, more elegant, exotic and interesting than their western counterparts, another difference is that here dragons are a favorable entity associated with power, luck and prosperity as opposed to the western ones that carry nasty connotations like damsel in distress devouring and village pyromania.


2 Responses to “August full Moon Dragons”

  1. feifei said

    wow….really nice pictures !!!

  2. sofia said

    Πώς τα λέει ο άτιμος…

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