The Shy Anime Secretary of Ground Level.

September 5, 2010

Though i am not allowed to talk about actual work, due to Non Disclosure Agreement, i can highlight some of the people that give colour to the office were i actually spend most of my life in China. Claudette (change of name for legal reasons) is the first one i see every morning mainly because she works on ground level as opposed to the designers who are floating in the air, (providing good target practice for clients). She is a little photoshy preferring to be photographed holding her favorite pillow, used also for afterlunch siesta. You can easily see her animation background and true enough she is an aspiring animator trying to find job in the animation capital of China. She is also responsible for our daily fruit dose be it watermelon, melon or grapes, a nice custom that bonds the company together through the ritual sacrificing of fruits with big knifes. It should be practiced more in the west, but they lack the rich variety of tropical fruits you can find here.


One Response to “The Shy Anime Secretary of Ground Level.”

  1. shura said

    this is awesome! She’s interesting already… Love her pillow and I’d have a dose of fruits, too. Say hi to her from me… hi hi

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