Hill hideaways and road sign heartbreaks.

September 4, 2010

The good thing here is that once you reach the hills you can loose the city completely. Second photo upper right corner you can spot a small concrete patch. And steep hills mean you spit blood to ascend, but then have all the pleasure of descending with lightning speed for the ending. Which is what makes the road sign bellow total killjoy, which by turn is why you ignore it completely and zoom downhill like a derailed steam train.


2 Responses to “Hill hideaways and road sign heartbreaks.”

  1. Katerina said

    Κι αν σε πιάσει ο κινέζος τροχονόμος?

  2. kamikazzzi said

    Του πετάς την Get out of jail free card: “tin boo dong” (δεν καταλαβαίνω) και καθαρίζεις. Πετυχένει σχεδόν πάντα, εκτός αν διαπράξεις φόνο.

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