Lazy Afternoon Bamboo Appreciation Society

September 1, 2010

Although painfully lagging behind on posts, the loose fabric of storytelling allows me to go back and forth through events in non linear order, plus i can break them in several posts so you might be deceived into thinking that i have a life on weekdays which is a blatant lie. Today we ‘ll take a leisurely stretch, place our feet delicately on top of the table, sip a few gulps of fine blended soy milk digestif & gain a little more appreciation for bamboo. A truly marvelous material it can put every other hardwood to shame even tough it is classified as grass. On my short eastern life i saw it in the form of scaffolding, used it to grab food, ate it, seen it in every possible D.I.Y. alteration by Chinese tinkerers and keep thinking possible projects that can accommodate it. You can easily use it as a bicycle frame, make clothes, watch it grow, make cool toys, feed it to wild pandas and mountain gorillas. I am on the lookout for a raw bamboo dealer here in Hangzhou not really thinking about future and airport security… as always.


3 Responses to “Lazy Afternoon Bamboo Appreciation Society”

  1. feifei said

    dear D :),how are you? it seems that you enjoy ur life in china. nice pictures !!!

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