Itsy bitsy centipede and other Far Eastern arthropod aquintances.

August 28, 2010

Getting lost on the trails of Jade Emperor’s hill was a good chance to get acquainted with a handful of colourful insects who magnanimously tolerated my intrusion and annoying clicking without flying off. Like Trespassers from Tim Burton’s / Dr Seuss imagination, they revealed a whole new layer of observational possibilities and gave a few points towards insect appreciation which was completely blackened by their more social domestic cousins who suck our blood and crawl under our kitchens. (well there seems to be a territorial dispute on hold that in some cases ended up in an open bloody chemical warfare, like Ben’s case with the brave but fatal invasion of Chinese cockroaches but that’s another story). There seems to be a good dose of native bugs in need of documentation, and i am pretty sure i haven’t even scratched the surface with the really weird ones. And being in Asia i was expecting more encounters with insects in local cuisine but apparently to see that you have to leave the industrialized big cities of the coast behind and head west.


3 Responses to “Itsy bitsy centipede and other Far Eastern arthropod aquintances.”

  1. skoupidiaris said




  2. Katerina said

    Τι ωραίο που είναι το ριγέ σκουλίκι!!!!!

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