Buddha stop looking down on me.

August 23, 2010

Here are some random photos from the hill exploration day. Buddha head, tunnel sign, Chinese high voltage and Lilliputian traveler. Enjoy. No energy for a full post…


7 Responses to “Buddha stop looking down on me.”

  1. Yiling said

    What did you feel when the Buddha is looking down on you?

  2. Lee Turtle said

    no energy for full post? WTF? U are becoming a new Lee! Talking about Budha: any new asian chicks there? :p

  3. sorana said

    finally caught up with reading … been busy tanning, swimming, traveling, babysitting … pfew… and u there, working like a prisoner of your own passion. 🙂
    I’m sure Buddha is only admiring you kindly 😛

    • kamikazzzi said

      Nice! a good program, hope you got enough energy for the final year. i am gonna swim and travel next summer! A LOT!

      • sorana said

        not enough energy, yet still looking fwd to it. I’m sure you’ll catch up with traveling. Just make sure you include Romania on your way one day…

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