Jade Emperor Hill or the frustrations of a compassless explorer.

August 22, 2010

Weekends are to the 9-(enter rough estimate of work leave time here, IT IS NOT 5!) suppressed explorer an infusion of much needed adrenaline. What i like about this city is that everything is waiting to be discovered. It is relatively easy to loose sight of the concrete jungle and enter a real one just by cycling a few clicks. With a decent map yet to be found navigation is based on past experience, wild estimation and gesture juggling to local residents. The best way to experimental travel is by following your instinct and trailblazing. (an advice that i inherit by my explorer uncle and has proven its value throughout time). Following a scenic sign through a tunnel just cause the name sounded interesting (Jade Emperor Hill) i ended up in a picturesque hill covered in green jungle like growth layer. It had a Taoist Temple and the shrine of Jade Emperor dated back to Ming Dynasty. Quoting a little knowledge from wikipedia:

The Jade Emperor (Chinese: 玉皇; pinyin: Yù Huáng or 玉帝 Yù Dì) in Chinese folk culture, is the Taoist ruler of Heaven and all realms of existence below including that of Man and Hell, according to a version of Taoist mythology. He is one of the most important gods of the Chinese traditional religion pantheon. In actual Taoism, the Jade Emperor governs all of the mortal’s realm and below, but ranks below the Three Pure Ones.

Arriving there i was greeted by a very professional/polite stuff that made a huge contrast to my rugged sweaty appearance (and the imaginary reaction i would get in a similar situation back west). Apparently it is forbidden to enter with your bicycle but you are allowed to drive through with a car!?! Not a big deal as everything worth viewing is accessible through stone paved paths and long ascending steps through the forest. There is a temple and lot’s of attractions including a tea shop (i think) but didn’t managed to see any of that as i trode off on a leaser footpath and then spend the rest of the day wandering around on an ants nest like network of paths missing the main attractions and ending out in weird shanty houses or deserted areas. Highlights of the day were encounters with cheerful elders, insect stalking (photos soon) and disrupting the peace of a Buddhist monk in a remote temple.


5 Responses to “Jade Emperor Hill or the frustrations of a compassless explorer.”

  1. Yiling said

    During the week, you work in the modern city and do your modern design. And, every weekend you can explore your wonderful land. What a fantastic feeling! You have reached quixotic experience someone who can’t have.

    βερύ γοοδ……Πετούν προς ό, τι θέλεις 😛

    So, did you entry the tample to pray the god to make a wish?

  2. Lee Turtle said

    “the Taoist ruler of Heaven and all realms of existence below including that of Man and Hell, according to a version of Taoist mythology ”

    do you think I need to build a temple? Every ruler of the world need a temple… Right?

  3. kamikazzzi said

    Temples are like wikies, if you build one your self is lame : P You need to start a cult and let them build it for you.

  4. Mitch said

    looks amazing Demi
    keep up the blog
    hows the work going?
    my job is awesome, really enjoying it =]
    speak soon!

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