Civil Obedience Beautification, or The employment of Kawaii for Public Manipulation.

August 19, 2010

It seems that even strict regimes known to employ a public media language that resembled barking orders through visual blocks of blood boiling colour can evolve to more modern approaches or fall in trend entrapment. My past recollection of Civil obedience visual examples was crude posters from WWII with Uncle Sam pointing fingers ordering adolescent youth to a call of arms, or Soviet & Chinese style Communistic propaganda. So encountering the evolved form of these old relics was an interesting surprise. It seems that current Comm. party uses modern marketing techniques and tries to influence a young target group more precise a target group that adors kawaii. So we still have the old messages in imposing tone but dressed up in cuteness with a splash of bright colour and big puppy eyes. It sure is more effective and a hit below the belt as it works more sneakily & doesn’t make you jump in defense like the older Constructivist posters. There is a whole campaign scattered around the city, but so far i stumbled into these prime examples. So remember children happy queuing, be patriotic and obey the law! (*_*) \(^_^)/ (*^.^*) yeyyyy!


2 Responses to “Civil Obedience Beautification, or The employment of Kawaii for Public Manipulation.”

  1. Katerina said

    Αμαν!! Εντυπωσιακό! Θα ένιωσες οτι χτύπησες τζακ ποτ όταν το είδες ε? Χα χα χα!! Πάντα μου προκαλέι την επιθυμία να ήμουν εκεί σε μια γωνία να έβλεπα την συζήτηση η οποία κατέληξε σ’αυτό το αποτέλεσμα! Και τι είναι το “queuing”???

  2. kamikazzzi said

    queue (kyoo)
    1. A line of waiting people or vehicles.

    intr.v. queued, queu·ing, queues
    To get in line: queue up at the box office.

    De xerw an ypirxe syzitisi, to maimoudi einai kati sa maskot tis polis, yparxei megali viomixania animation edw opote isws exigei to eikastiko.

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