Forest Model Shootout No 33.

August 17, 2010

On a usual weekend bike ride ignited by exploration impulse but lacking navigation boundaries, i keep bumping into forest model shootouts. Nature loving photographers that try to capture through their lenses, various species of wild models that roam around the hills of Hangzhou when the weather is fine. One of my hobbies is to take photos of other people taking photos, (this can turn into a word avalanche if someone manages to take a photo of me taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo of….arhgk you get the picture). Below is the full sequence of a stray model washing her feet, smiling in the field, picking ta leaves for breakfast while photographers wait impatiently for the perfect pose… A wondrous moment of Hangzhouvian fauna. I have fallen behind updating the blog but there is a digital tonne of photos and a brain full of stories that need to be short out and be uploaded. I would like to thank the small crowd of early followers (sister, mother, father, cousin, Mitch, Sorana and the other 2 readers : P) your comments are my fuel.

“Bonus photo, every once in a while my photos turn into horror movies, i can’t help it!”


10 Responses to “Forest Model Shootout No 33.”

  1. Katerina said

    Χι χι! Μου άρεσε το “I shoot, you shoot” (we all shoot, and being shoot)
    Keep up the good shooting!

  2. Mitch said

    Looks awesome mate
    sorry for not responding for a while, only just have got internet
    we need to skype sometime mate
    job is going really well
    hope you are well =]
    speak soon

  3. Lee Turtle said

    We need more updates bitch! more updates! More updates! The crowd says to tha author

  4. kamikazzzi said

    @ Mitch, good that you shorted the internet, glad that you enjoy your job, fired any RPG yet? : P

    @ Lee: Stop Bitching you impatient Testudine, crowdpleasing is a tough job. 24 hours are not enough, black circles and lack of sleep becoming a pattern again.

  5. Filippa said

    Please upload the digital tonne of photos soon! the stories are really nice to read too 🙂 keep going!

  6. GDS said

    Μέχρι τώρα απολάμβανα σιωπηλώς.
    Τώρα με έβαλες στο φιλότιμο να πώ δυό λόγια.
    Ειμαι πολύ υπερήφανος και καταδιασκεδάζω.
    Γειά χαρά σου Δημήτρη μου!

  7. skoupidiaris said

    we’re more than you think lurking around… keep it up mate!

  8. kamikazzzi said

    @ Filippa, thank you, i will slowly : P

    @ GDS, : )

    @ Σκουπιδαρέλο, long time no see. Ήταν κοινωνικό πείραμα να δω ποιοι κυκλοφορούν εδώ μέσα.

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