July 25, 2010

Permanent visa requires non infectious applicants, so we had to get tested for every major disease in existence. What a better way to start the day than vein popping, cardiograms and urine tests! For the blood test you queue in front of a small counter you put your arm inside and a nurse wearing respirator, white overalls and a smiley pin!, does the rest of the job in 10 seconds. There is a sign outside informing patients with needlephobia to state so before the vain drilling commences, treatment for them is slightly different and more secluded. After leaving our half filled urine caps on another room, we had to navigate through different doctors until the test checklist was complete. In a regular case of Tinbudong (tin bu dong = i don’t understand, in Chinese) and playing the iamawhiteforeigner card we could take photos of every test without hassle from the hospital stuff. That’s how i manage to document my first ultrasound, and can gladly share with everybody that, it’s a healthy boy!! : P Half an hour later we had our bodies checked and a day later the results were out. Managed to learn the Greek name for my eye anomaly, Anisometropia, apart from that everything is good and visa application on the way!

more photos here.


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