Fire cupping / 拔罐 (Βεντούζες).

July 25, 2010

Massage can easily be added on my list of things that make life more enjoyable. A luxury back in the west but an everyday (every week to be more precise) pleasure here in PRC. Slowly as the exchanged euros of my early arrival vanish i start thinking in Chinese terms, but still on my meagre salary which is 3 times less than the basic Greek salary i could easily afford 4 massages / month. Back home it would cost 5-10 times as much for a massage without the exotic element. So while here i am keen on trying every possible (well the legal ones at least) treatment on offer. Having a full body massage in Shanghai, i wanted to try something different, Jeff’s back stigmatized with bruised circles seemed interesting, like body art, so i convinced the rest of the household and soon we were lying on beds having our muscles plastered like bread dough. Rough, relaxing, arousing, ticklish, the pallet of feelings had it all. Being in the same room with Thomas and Clara brings a funny element in the picture. After 90 minutes of hard work on our bodies we reach the final act of fire cupping. This is a treatment done in many ancient cultures, (Chinese, Greek) it uses glass cups and fire to create a vacuum in your skin that sucks and concentrates blood. This is supposed to heal various diseases but mainly to remove the poison (toxin) from your body (so i should be less venomous by this moment). The whole process seems painful and leaves nasty bruises that have an interesting aesthetic element, but in reality there is not much pain involved. It seems really funny that i had to travel to China to come closer to the world of my great grand mother, first the water boiling at home and now the fire cupping treatment (something that was common in her time) we ll definitely have something new to talk about when i get back…


5 Responses to “Fire cupping / 拔罐 (Βεντούζες).”

  1. Yiling said

    WOW, what a good chance to experience it.
    I love it so much when I was in Taiwan.
    Do you feel relax after the treatment?

  2. kamikazzzi said

    Yes but i think it was because of the massage that preceded : P

  3. Mitch said

    when i first saw the picture i thought:
    oh damn, what skin condition has demitris gone and caught now?
    sounds like your still haveing a really interesting and fun time out there
    skype me soon!

  4. lopi said

    gawd, that looks painful

  5. kamikazzzi said

    Second time was a little more painful, apparently i was full of poison (this treatment sucks the poison from your body, don’t ask…) and the masseuse was determined to take it all out by plopping and unplopping fire cups.

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