Ping Pong Hooligans.

July 21, 2010

It seems that basketball has overthrown ping pong in China (blame Yao Ming). Trying to find an opponent in the office to no avail. Until Helen joined the picture and over confidently pointed straight forward that she was going to beat me up, with such a certainty that we had to put a bet just to make things more spicy. I declared the hefty prize of 2 fresh mangos while she claimed a Haagen Dazs for her victory. Arriving at the stadium i realize two things, first it’s pretty damn hot, more like a sauna than an indoor ping pong arena, second, every single retired beer belly grandfather could beat me up without much effort (and here i thought i knew how to play). Blows were exchanging with lightning speed and impressive accuracy making the ball practically invisible. Starting the match with Helen i am determined to keep my dignity (even though i kept sweating like a pig from the first set). To my surprise she is a pretty good player and i ended up struggling to keep up and not faint by the heat. 1 hour later the verdict is 8-2 and as a true gentleman i buy her 6 ice creams, 1 for every winning set. Wisdom of the story is don’t bet when playing ping pong with a Chinese girl : P


One Response to “Ping Pong Hooligans.”

  1. Katerina said

    So Helen is a Chinese girl!
    Is that her real name or she has is for foreigners like you so they won’t kill her real one in misspronounciation? 😉

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