July 19, 2010

Working in a Chinese company means that you work like a Chinese, no hold backs, overtime, alternate Saturdays, and minimum holidays. This Saturday was a working one, after designing Scandinavian and traditional Chinese concepts for kitchen hoods, and surviving a 2 hour presentation about west in front of all our colleagues it was time to rest. Jeff dropped dead in his bed (Fridays all nighter taking it’s toll), Clara zoomed out leaving me and Thomas walking around the neighbourhood. BinJiang at night, a cozy little bar grabs our attention, being the only whites on sight was a good sign, managed to order 2 Xintao beers in Chinese! (yey) and our bodies rest eagerly on the upper level sofas. The place has an interesting essence of good taste and the smell of design everywhere. Interesting posters, custom bookshelves made from ladders, framed cartoon drawings and a plethora of design books, manga and weird magazines.

The waitress disrupts my wall gazing and in broken Chinglish she produces a 10RMB explaining that we paid more for the beers accidentally!. Taking the opportunity i try to extract proof for my theory of design related bar owner. It didn’t take much time for the owner, a young Chinese guy, to join us and explain that he is an animator by day / bar owner by night and that he build everything interesting on sight. (Hangzhou is a big gun in Chinese animation industry and host of the CICA festival). Zhu (animator’s name) explains that the waitress returned the money because she find us handsome and would like to exchange telephone numbers, to my amusement Thomas turns ripe tomato red at the sound of the proposal due to the fact that he is already in a relationship. Other animators join our table, the music selection is really good (although i haven’t understand the Beatles obsession here) and i have my 3d toilet cultural sock when i walk inside only to find a guy taking a dump in a squatter without any dividers blocking the view. : P


3 Responses to “Tinco.”

  1. Katerina said

    Μαζεύεται υλικό για graphic novel εδώ!!

  2. lopi said

    τελικά το χτύπησες το γκομενάκι?

  3. kamikazzzi said

    Μμμ όχι, υπέπεφτε σε μια περίεργη μίξη ηλικίας, παλιμπαιδισμού και σεξουαλικότητας, που κάνει αρκετές κοπέλες εδώ από τι μια να φοράνε καυτά σορτσάκια και από την άλλη να συμπεριφέρονται σαν κοριτσάκια γυμνασίου. μεγάλη ιστορία που φτάνει μέχρι τον Μαο και τα ιδιόμορφα γυναικεία πρότυπα.

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