Engrish Chinglish & some Greek.

July 14, 2010

One of my favorite hobbies here is to spot Engrish (something that intended to be English but is not quite) in packages, sings, posters etc. They have a poetic beauty that can bright up your day. I heard that in Shanghai they enlisted an army of college students just to inspect the signs for Engrish epidemic. Good for me there seems to be a hefty amount of them scattered like Easter eggs waiting for a keen eye to spot them. Most of them are from the world expo and others from the metro, the ad with the Greek letters was a funny juxtaposition. The happy lemon doesn’t have anything wrong, just liked the name.


2 Responses to “Engrish Chinglish & some Greek.”

  1. stavroula said

    your engrish made my day!!! nice blog!

  2. Katerina said

    Τέλειο το happy lemon!!

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