Train to Shanghai.

July 13, 2010

4 hours of sleep, trying to catch a cab in Binjiang at 8:50, bloodshot eyes and the smell of rain. Ben on the other side of the city in a similar state of wastedness is travelling towards the meeting point. South train station to Shanghai. In a cruel twist of fate he manages to get late, i end up in a different station, failed communication attempts to Chinese ticket clerks until we manage to change our tickets for the next train at 3:00 “$^£^”%£”%^$£ Beat and hungry we roam around the station talking about adjustment in China, on Sunday it’s gonna be one month since we set foot here, time flies faster than a bullet train, for all i know the whole year will pass with the same speed. (the day when we ll stop sweating like pigs will be a joyous one). On the packed train young people want to practice their English, so in the 2 hour journey i meet a group of Hanghzou financial students (guy + 5 giggling girls) on their way to holiday land (Shanghai) and a kid on my left who tells me about his high school education in Singapore and his acceptance on Imperial College of London. The train makes a glorious delay and we finally reach the Paris of the East early afternoon. Jackie (Ben’s friend from uni, and our host for this short trip) has send a troika of representatives to pick us up. Jenny, Serious and Dino (it’s more usual than not for Chinese people to have an English name, to ease communication with laowai. And vice versa i got a Chinese name due to difficulties in pronunciation of “ρ” in my name).

The metro is relatively new (rapid growth) and has an x-ray machine paired with operator in every station. The lady in our x-ray machine is so kind as to let us take photographs of our bags being scanned! (try this in a western airport see what happens) Reaching the house, we found a party on hold and a kitchen table covered with ridiculous amount of different plates. Jacky our host trying to bring a hint of England in the table has prepared a cottage pie (among the jelly fish strips and spicy pork) and the faces of 10 Chinese people frowning in the first spoonful (same way we frowned when tried stinky tofu) is priceless. KTV for second night in a row and i my voice cords start to complain, even though i douse them generously with whisky mixed with tea (Chinese style). Fun moments when me and Ben tried to sing together, producing a duet of tone deaf disaster. Dead from the previous night we split from the restless group and end up in an overnight massage shop to treat our beat bodies to a body massage. Best way to end a night, i fall asleep the moment i turn my back and somehow magically end up in a bamboo mat sleeping my first night in Shanghai.


4 Responses to “Train to Shanghai.”

  1. shura said

    I like the ‘mystery’ on the b&w photo – seems like a photo scan from a mother’s pouch or a ghost encounter…

  2. Mitch said

    its two people singing
    the one on the left is Ben and on the right is Demitris
    am loving the blog
    kepp it coming =]

  3. shura said

    I got mitch, but was just sharing my first glance…:)
    I agree, the posts are a real pleasure. Looking fwd for the next one.

  4. kamikazzzi said

    It was the best i could do post processing, as the original was pitch black, but yes you can still make out our figures. Comments give me strength : P
    time to write some more.

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