KTV Superstars.

July 12, 2010

Friday, (yes posts have a little lag, bear with me we might be 8 hours ahead give or take, but time is not on my side. The only solution to keep up is called: “No Sleep”). Tomas, the new flatmate, ticks the first week off in Hangzhou so a celebratory night out is arranged filled with food, alcohol and KTV madness. KTV is what we know as karaoke, hugely popular in China (and other Asian countries) the concept is a little different here, as you don’t sing in front of a whole bar but rather inside a room filled with friends (and watermelons) but more on this below.

Night start’s with Hot Pot, Baijiu, and a crate full of Qintao beer, enough to gather energy and courage for my first karaoke performance, to top the fun we invite the boss of the company along with a couple of friends. (in China is perfectly normal to get drunk / sing along with your boss). Microphone, song selection, beer, duck tongs, fruits and the next thing you know we scream Paradise City in a duet. Once you start and the endorphins kick in it just goes downhill (song quality wise) Spice girls, Robby Williams, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Bon Jovy, Beatles, are the ones i can recall. There were a lot more if i judge by the beautiful truck driver’s voice i woke up with next morning. After everybody screamed their heart’s out we left the tangled web of KTV rooms, with their individual shows going on inside, heading for a nearby club. Not too crowded, metal detector inside and a security guy that spoiled the dancing mood and told us to get down from the bar (where we had so swiftly climb encouraged by the bartenders).

Next cultural shock came as every proper shock comes, in the least expected place. Quite naturally at one point i reach for the toilet, find an empty spot, unzip my pants and start pissing while staring at the tiles nearby. Like a ninja a formal dressed employer of the club circles me from the left, on 30 cm distance he produces a chewing gum pack, grabs one and professionally unwraps it, with swift moves he pushes it in my mouth and then untroubled by the fact that i was still in the process of pissing he starts massaging my back. Trying to hold my laugh and zipp my pants i walk towards the basin to wash my hands while he walks behind me still massaging and then pointing towards a tray in order to leave tip. The rest of the night was uneventful, searching for street food dinner, sharing our KTV beers with a prostitute and bumping into a Chinese dwarf while i was trying to grab photos of a late night over sized teddy bear deal in the middle of the street…


5 Responses to “KTV Superstars.”

  1. bugsy said

    hope you’re managing without loosing too much sleep dude 😉
    enjoyed all the posts, keep ’em coming

  2. kamikazzzi said

    I ll sleep next summer : P
    Glad you like, i have more to come.

  3. shura said

    what a ‘delightful’ experience! yes, i had to pick on that one…
    keep them coming, I love your writing, fun, colorful and interesting.

  4. Katerina said

    What’s the story with the bears aderfaki? Πολύ καλές οι φωτογραφείες σου!!
    Νοιώθω σαν να έχεις μπεί σε ένα κόμιξ και αν επικοινωνείς απο εκεί!

  5. kamikazzzi said

    Nothing bad, απλά κάτσαμε να φάμε βραδυνό στο ίδιο τραπέζι και είπα να ξεφωρτωθώ τις μπύρες που κουβαλάγα από το καραόκε. Έιναι όντος κόμικ ώρες ώρες.

    Yey Shorana!

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