Snake wine Dinner

July 3, 2010

After hours at work, boss is away and the business manager starts circulating a message in the internal IM seeking 8 brave volunteers to join him for dinner and drinking till there is nobody sane on the table. Mind you it was a working day but you never turn down a Chinese social offer, so a gang of 8 was quickly assembled and we ended up in a nearby restaurant. The first impression, in all interesting dinning places, is the display of raw material the moment you walk in. A vibrant variety of live aquariums, gills, livers, internal organs, duck heads (with beaks) and bottles with snakes left to enrich the alcohol inside. Needless to say that it was another feast with plates rolling around the table and mountains of leftover bones and shrimp corpses. Chinese beer, snake wine (which i ll be damned if i can remember how it tasted) and Baijiu (Bai-jo) a vile drink with 40-60% alcohol content and a taste that doesn’t resemble anything i drunk before.


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