Duck Tongues, Chicken Feet & Stinky Tofu.

July 3, 2010

Horror came from the plate

This post is from yesterday which means that i finally manage to catch up with the pile of photos i ‘ve taken throughout the week. Seating idly on my computer waiting to be transformed into stories. The day was quite extravagant, began with an opening party at the company champagne, fireworks, speeches in Chinese (which we couldn’t follow) and ended up around a table with a mountain of food and fountains of drinks which made the coworkers, managers and boss turn into various tints of red. We tried a combination of tastes that could easily be found inside a witches broth. Duck tongues, chicken feet, stinky tofu etc. Stinky tofu lived to it’s reputation stinking terribly across the table, in the spirit of openness, that can either lead you to greatness or trouble, i tried a big chunk only to have the aroma of fermented tofu intruding my mouth. Only in China you can take photos of your food and transform them into horror movie posters! Clara managed to shoot a video of our table in a sober state you can find it here


2 Responses to “Duck Tongues, Chicken Feet & Stinky Tofu.”

  1. Katerina said

    Τέλειες φωτογραφίες!! Ειδικά αυτή που είναι σαν αφίσα ταινίας τρόμου! Κανόνισε, άμα έρθω να με ταϊσεις τίποτα πιό συντηρητικό παρακαλώ! Όχι πράματα με κεραίες και νύχια…

  2. kamikazzzi said

    Ότι τραβάει η όρεξή σου, το βρωμοτοφού απλά θα το μυρίσεις για την εμπειρία : Ρ

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