Life captured in 200mm.

June 27, 2010

Some photos from last weeks walk to central Hangzhou, this time i mounted the bigger lens to get up close and personal. It’s much easier to blend in and capture natural expressions. Of course even if people spot you the most usual reaction is just a laugh so no harm done. I tried a different approach with individual photos as opposed to a huge mash up let’s see how it works.

On the side of a main road.

View from West Lake.

The variety of skewered food here is amazing (need to take more photos)

Local motorbike taxi driver gang waiting for clients. (they even have extra helmets).


6 Responses to “Life captured in 200mm.”

  1. skoupidiaris said


  2. kamikazzzi said

    xaxa, prin ligo evlepa tis fotografies sou sto flickr (foveres) kai me eixe piasei nostalgia. tilepathia.
    : )

  3. skoupidiaris said

    νοσταλγία γιατί? are you homesick dimitrais?

  4. Feifei said

    wow…nice photos, have you been to west lake?

  5. Yiling said

    I saw many photos from your blog.
    I think you must experience different things everyday and be interested in these.
    One year is not enough for you.

    I love your photos a lot, which take me to see new aspects from china.

  6. kamikazzzi said

    @ skoupidiari: νοσταλγία για την θάλασσα και τα ανέμελα καλοκαίρια.
    @ feifei: yes i been twice, but only on one side.
    @ Yiling: one year will be enough to determine were should i go when i finish uni… Hope you like China through my eyes.

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