Monsoon Season.

June 26, 2010

Rainy season in its forte, and the prediction for this week is grim, at least with the rain the temperature drops making the eastern heat tolerable. Outside our building there is an announcement warning about severe wind conditions. And tomorrow i plan to buy a bicycle. There is another skill i need to master, pedaling one handed while managing to keep an umbrella above my head, people here can tackle one handed riding with ease.


2 Responses to “Monsoon Season.”

  1. Feifei said

    haha, dear D, have bought your bicycle?
    yes, riding a bicycle is not easy,specially
    in the hot weather.The girl in the picture is
    a good example. I know the weather is really
    hot in China now. Please take care of yourself!
    I like reading your article.It is very funny and
    makes me missing my home. Looking forward to more
    readings. 加油!!

  2. kamikazzzi said

    Ni hao, Wo shi Shi la Ren : P
    Yes i got a bike, it’s the best vechicle to explore the city. yesss the weather is hot, i am waiting for winter! Glad i make you laugh, how are Peilin and Libi?

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