In my lunch break i use chopsticks.

June 24, 2010

It was a quick realisation, chopsticks are an essential skill to master here, there are quite a few different styles of eating with them. You quickly end up managing to lift a single grain of rice into your mouth with enough tenderness as not to squash it, only to fail miserably with a heavy plated shrimp that keeps falling back to the bowl. So what is your weapon of choice when the clock hits 12:00 and you burst outside for your lunch break? We abandoned the canteen of the office complex after the first day opting for the charms of Rainbow city, a bustling symphony of frying, boiling, chopping, food amongst electric scooters that pass centimeters behind you honking for attention. Smelly tofu, chicken feet and duck heads complete with beak (you suck the whole thing and spit the indigestible parts). Small tents will produce the most amazing street food, for a price that back home you wouldn’t even be able to afford a ready made donner… A blooming bowl of fried beef noodles and a bag of dumplings cost something close to 2 euros. The process for noodle lunch is simple, you choose your ingredients on a bowl and give it to the chef, pointing the type of noodles you like, in 5 minutes he ll chop, toss and burn everything in a small crescendo of flavors. Photos and video! inside.

P.S. I realise so far i mostly write about food, i am probably not gonna stop as i still get excited on every bite, and super market ride, and strange smell and ugly body part i see but there are a ton of other posts waiting to burst out, have a little patience. THE FOOD IS GREAT!

video here


3 Responses to “In my lunch break i use chopsticks.”

  1. Katerina said

    I’m jealous!!!
    And I just gave 30 euros for some fairly good noodles and chicken yakitori…
    I can hear you laugh…!

  2. peilin cai said

    Smelly tofu, chicken feet and duck heads, have u tasted them? Do u like them? Ha….^o^
    I know the selling food are nice but i think if u can cook by ur self will be more healthy….
    by the way…
    dont just eating, to learn how to cook, and u can cook for us when u back….-__-

  3. kamikazzzi said

    @ Katerina, me tosa lefta tha mporouses na fas gia ena mina edw. : P (kai me mena gelagane otan tous eipa posa edwsa gia na koureytw stin ellada)…

    @Peilin the smelly toffu smells gross, the chicken feet i might try sometime, the duck head dunno.

    It’s easier to eat here, but i ll start cooking again.
    food food food!

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