Hot Pot (火鍋).

June 22, 2010

Picture a large mahogany table with round holes on the center. Soon enough simmering hot metal pots with stock are filling the holes and keep boiling till the rest of the dinner. In the meantime chopsticks emerge, drinks are ordered, glasses filled, the first Gan bei’s (“dry the cup”) are shouted and the table is rapidly getting filled with amounts of food that could feed a small army. The whole idea behind, this extremely fun Chinese social dinner, is that you have in front of you a table that can cook whatever you toss inside, be it shrimps, bamboo sticks, lotus roots, mushrooms, beef e.t.c. The food is to support the drinks that in any proper dinner will keep restocking till everybody passes out (ok exaggeration, didn’t happen that night, but it sure does quite often).

The reason for that company sponsored outing was an internal competition that one of the Chinese ID teams had won, the fresh foreign fruits (we) followed for the experience. I can’t believe how delicious everything is here (so far so good, the Imodium tablets are tacked away in the bottom drawer : P). After a year i ll either gain weight or need a liver transplant, at least the black market is pretty stocked up in organs here hehe.


3 Responses to “Hot Pot (火鍋).”

  1. shura said

    I think you’re right, Dimi, you might end up a fat bloke by the time you’re back to UK. Keep the updates coming… we like them!

  2. kamikazzzi said

    No worries, i started night running around the river, and today we played basketball with the guys from the office (gotted our asses kicked : P).

  3. peilin cai said

    ur food alway make me hungry
    “Gan bei!!!”
    have fun…

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