Food Lust.

June 20, 2010

[photo above by Clara]

Food! One of the highlights of living in China, it doesn’t take time to realise it, even a simple stroll in the street can tingle your nose with a burst of new undiscovered smells. It’s up to you to follow your instincts and stimulate your taste bulbs with everything edible (personal limits taken in account, but do push them a little further). Chinese in the western sense is usually a combination of noodles, fried rice, won ton and spring rolls, this is just a poor colourless copy of the local food here. Even the smallest street stall can produce delicious food for a ridiculous fraction of the price you are accustomed to pay (in the West). Of course there is a hierarchical scale that rise in prices but you can easily find good food in nice restaurants. The photos are from lunch breaks with our Chinese colleagues, (usually they eat in the company canteen) but we got a warm welcome treat and an execrational amount of food that K.O. 9 people.

One of most interesting aspects of Chinese dinning experience is the way you share food. Every dish is put on a round table with a glass part that can be rotate 360 degrees so you always have a constant parade of food passing in front of you. Chopstick skills are a must. Instead of water you have a refillable jar of green tea. Faux Pas warning, don’t leave your chopsticks protruding from your dish (bowl of rice e.t.c), this is only when you want to honour diseased loved ones.


3 Responses to “Food Lust.”

  1. Mitch said

    Looks delicious
    please keep the updates coming =]

  2. shura said

    Thanks god I’ve just had my dinner, otherwise I would have been crawling into the kitchen to try and match the plates… Nice to see your blog up! chat to you soon

  3. peilin cai said


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