2+half 老外 Lǎowài

June 20, 2010


The effect of being a foreigner is noted, especially when you want to document everything, i thought a small camera would not be intrusive but apparently, i have better results with the bulky DSLR and the 200 lens (maintaining a little distance). So far trying to shoot in a busy environment will attract laughter and a conversation in Mandarin with a few laowai words inside. I hope i manage to learn some Chinese over the year so i can break the ice more easy, not that there is much ice in the first place. photo from a tricycle cab ride squeezed on the back with my housemates (Clara & Jeff), note the umbrella in front.


2 Responses to “2+half 老外 Lǎowài”

  1. peilin cai said

    i finaly find a picture of u… Dimitris!!!
    u know laowai!!!haha…
    but ur life looks very local…
    how r u and how is everything in China?
    u cut ur hair, and ur smile looks a little bit tired…
    take care and miss u! =]

  2. kamikazzzi said

    Everything is good, apart from the fact that we worked on 3 consecutive weekends, maybe that’s why the smile is tired : P

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